Hide / unhide a worksheet in Microsoft Excel 2007 workbook

In order to protect a worksheet against unauthorized access or from accidental modification, you can hide it.

This can be done in a very simple way: click the right mouse button on the worksheet tab you want hide(for example, Sheet1, as you can see on the picture), from the list that appears select the Hide  and the sheet gets hide.

No worries, it not cleared or deleted, you can restore it at any time, just Unhide it (If you wonder how to do it, you can find the answer below).

If you want to hide the other tabs is repeat the process from the beginning.


– The workbook must have at least one sheet visible, so you cannot hide the last visible sheet.

 If you want to Unhide the workbook, follow the instruction: please right-click on any visible tab in the workbook and pop-up menu should appear, select Unhide from the list. If you performed the action correctly, you will see a dialog box with a list of hidden sheets. From the list select the sheet you want to Unhide and click OK.

Your workbook should appear among other sheets in your workbook.

Note: If you do not have any hidden sheets in your workbook, the Unhide option in the menu will frozen and you will not be able to access it.








This solution is good when you need to hide a sheet quickly, but does not protect against unauthorized access to the hidden sheet.


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