Inventory management support system

As an employee of The World Leading Provider of Employee Incentives and Recognition Programme, Chucherko Mariusz was a member of the team that created the application supporting a database in order to manage stock.

Technology: Visual Basic for Applications for Microsoft Excel

Application capabilities:
– Recording of stock booking in and out,
– Recording of product returns
– Recording of expired goods
– Generating reports (report on current inventory, report transactions on a given day, a report of all transactions in a given period, a report of orders processed on specific day)

Analysis of the achievements after the project implementation:
– Reduce the time required for daily inventory analysis in purpose to ship new orders (reduce by half the time required to complete the task, approximately from 2h to 1h)
– Reduce the time required to update the inventory records after the order shipments (down from 45 min to 15 min)
– Dramatic reduce of data entry errors.
– The shipping process standardization, the process could be replicated in other mailing centers
– Ability to export collected data to an external database for further processing (Reports for the purchasing department, reports to the client department, reports for executives)

Project team members:
Mariusz Chucherko – the main inventor and developer,
Caleb Stelle (Fulfillment Team Leader) – co-founder of the project, application guide creator,
Shane Heelan (Fulfillment Department Manager) project coordinator,
Dr. Sean Curtis (financial analyst) – consultant and help with the module reports,
Juan Manuel Lorenzo (Fulfillment operator) – the project documentation , consultant,